Child Counseling

kansas city child therapist & ml psychologist

Children are very special people.

Just like adults, they are trying to do their best each day to cope with all of the ups and downs life throws at them.

Unlike adults, children don’t always know how to recognize what they are feeling, and most children definitely don’t know how to verbalize their feelings. Instead, they may act out by misbehaving or shut down and emotionally withdraw from those around them. It’s tough for parents to know how to help their children through these difficult times.

It’s important for children to feel valued, cared about and respected.

Are you looking for a child therapist, a child psychologist or an ADHD coach?

As your child’s therapist, I help them feel safe, accept them unconditionally, and help them recognize their strengths. Children express themselves through doing- playing, drawing, acting, and such, and traditional “talk” therapy isn’t very helpful for most children. Because of this, my sessions with children include many fun activities that help them to express themselves, and allow me to help them process their underlying problems and develop coping skills and resiliency.  We play games, do art projects, play lego’s and with sand, along with many other fun activities.  Believe it or not, most of them look forward to coming to therapy!

I truly believe children have special strengths and gifts to offer the world. I want to help your child thrive.

I am a licensed professional counselor and a master’s level psychologist in the state of Kansas.  I love working with children to help them learn good life skills to manage their emotions and relationship issues. I teach them good coping skills, relaxation techniques, and social skills, and I help them explore and recognize their strengths in ways that build their self-esteem.


Common concerns that cause parents to seek therapy for their children include:


Social challenges such as difficulty making friends

Academic struggles

Low self-confidence


Angry outbursts

Anxiety and fears

Sadness and depression

Divorce and Separation




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