Teen Counseling

teen and adolescent counseling and therapyIt’s tough to be a teen in today’s world. 

Would any adult want to be in middle school or high school again? There is so much pressure on teens to excel, figure out what college to attend, and consider career choices.  Teens need to learn to handle everything from hormones, friendship issues, whether they got asked out to prom, and family challenges such as divorce, health concerns and death.

As a parent, you want your teen to be happy and successful. Sometimes, they go through especially rough patches and need extra help that you can’t provide. It’s painful to watch them going through these periods, and to feel so frustrated that you can’t fix things for them.  The thing is, you can’t solve your teens problems for them or rescue them from life’s challenges.  Rather, you need to encourage your teen to handle problems themselves, with you as a good sounding board.

Teens need to develop resiliency and learn lifelong coping skills to handle difficulties, anxiety, and stress. They also need to develop good problem solving skills and gradually become independent from their parents. It’s important for teens to recognize that they are not the only people feeling the way they do, and that there is hope for their life to dramatically improve.

I allow teens to feel accepted and cared about in therapy. We mix things up so the process of therapy engages them. We may journal, express their feelings through art, play games, walk around the lake outside, or play catch while we talk. Teens may resist coming to therapy, so I want to create an experience that keeps them coming back until they have achieved their therapy goals.

Common concerns that cause parents to seek therapy for their teen include:


Social difficulties

Friendship/relationship concerns

Academic struggles

Low self-esteem


Anger and misconduct

Anxiety and fears

Sadness and depression

Divorce and Separation



Stress and perfectionism

Identity development


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